Gintis - ‘Happy Drunken Accidents’ [HiHi002]


This beautiful gem of a record is the debut album from Gintis.

Here’s what a few people had to say about them –

"They come from the University of Beefheart and graduated with Flaming Lips honours. I once spent half an hour with them looking for a wizard who was making magic potions in a caravan in Skegness. They are a little offbeat but in the best and most charming way."

"It's different, it's diverse to the point where even Gorky's Zygotic Mynci would throw the towel in & say, 'Hey lads, please take our pedestal'. Gintis are like laboratory rats fed on a cocktail of psychedelic drugs who have escaped to set up a commune in a nuclear power station"

and here’s how they define themselves in their own words –

‘The Brotherhood of Gintis welcomes you with open arms, though it is not for the faint hearted. If you like your music to come with scarves, blazers, shit haircuts played by pretty boys in jeans way too tight, then just fuck off now. Gintis are about having the bollocks to do something that matters, to stick their necks out and say "hang on, lets do something because we believe in it, be true to ourselves, so what if it sounds a little odd, do it" why mute your imagination? let it wander, let us take you on that journey, it's a fucking insane world out there, embrace that! Gintis will lead you on the way, we may make you see things you never wanted to see, or think thoughts that make your head hurt and bring that white sheet over your mind, blanket bombing it to stop you from taking it too far! but i'm sure we will make you smile too. It is heart warming and sincere, so come on Join us’

Far better that you ignore all of the above, skip straight to the heart of the matter and follow the link to these songs from ‘Happy Drunken Accidents’

‘Wonderful Show’ and ‘People Defiant’

State Sponsored Jukebox – ‘Last Night’s Thoughts This Morning’ [HiHi001]


The beguiling debut record from SSJ, a precursor to the future glory that will soon be found on their second masterpiece ‘Saturdays and Sundays’.

We couldn’t find fitting words to describe this record and ungallantly no-one else has proffered any such help. So instead we recommend you follow these links to have a listen for yourselves.

You’ll find a track from the both ‘Last Thoughts..’ and ‘Saturdays and Sundays’

Starhanger from ‘Last Night's Thoughts..’ and Sleepyhead from Saturdays and Sundays (as yet unreleased).

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